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Sharon Pentecostal Church of God

Our Foundation

Founder of Sharon


Bishop A.D. Porter

In 1956, Reverend A.D. Porter the founder of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church began having church services in the comfort of his home. Prior to coming into the knowledge of holiness, Reverend A. D. Porter taught the Baptist doctrine. One night during bible class, Mother Audrey visited Sharon Missionary Baptist Church where she listened to the teachings of Reverend Porter. After several visits, Mother Audrey asked to teach holiness to the congregation. In 1961, Bishop was convinced the Apostles doctrine was true and gained the revelation of baptism in the Name of Jesus. Shortly after this newfound conversion, Porter took several members of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church to be Baptized in Jesus Name. In 1966, by the leading of the Lord, Reverend Porter became Bishop A. D. Porter and started Sharon Pentecostal Church of God. Stemming from this ministry, God began to reveal the hidden mysteries of the God Head to Bishop. His conviction became so strong that he was known as "The God Head Preacher of the North". Many were baptized in Jesus Name and received the gift of the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Bishop Porter. In 1985, the Lord called him home and he departed the legacy of Sharon.

Rose of Sharon


Mother Lottie McCoy

In 1959, Mother Lottie M. McCoy became a member of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church under the pastorate of Reverend A. D. Porter. After receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, alongside several other members of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church, Lottie M. McCoy became Missionary McCoy. Missionary McCoy often played the role of a mother, catering to the needs of God’s people, even in her early years of Christianity. When Sharon Missionary Baptist Church change their name to Sharon Pentecostal Church of God, Missionary McCoy was ordained as an Apostolic Mother of the church. In 1985, Bishop Porter followed the leading of the Lord and appointed Mother Lottie M. McCoy to assistant pastor. Shortly after the passing of Bishop Porter in 1985, Mother McCoy stepped in as the Pastor of Sharon Pentecostal Church of God. While standing on the word of God, fasting and praying, she gave herself whole heartedly to God and stood in the gap for his people.

The Legacy of Sharon Pentecostal Church of God

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